Live Stream/On-Demand

Can't be there? Watch all games, "live" from any device. Miss a game? You can also watch it On-Demand. Purchase your all tournament pass now!

Full Game Video

College coaches require full game film to make their recruiting evaluations. Quality matters as HD resolution and the angle a game is recorded enhances the skill and athleticism of a player. All games are recorded using 1080p full high definition (HD) film and games are videoed, with AI powered cameras that scan the court from their mounted position at half court. Full game film can be purchased from as low as $49 per game and is available immediately at the end of the tournament.

Player Tournament Clips

Want a breakdown of your plays from the tournament? We will clip every single play that you were involved in, no matter what the outcome. Whether you use them to create a highlight video or study them to improve, our Player Tournament Clips saves you the time of going through each game. Player Tournament Clips can be purchased for $125 and will be available within 7-14 days from the end of the tournament.

Recruiting Highlight Video

Make no mistake, all highlight videos are not created equal. College coaches need to see you "make plays" and there is a preferred sequence they want to see them in, depending on your position. Stop sending highlight videos choreographed to music and make sure your abilities speak for themself. Your Recruiting Highlight Video can be purchased for $200 and will be available within 7-14 days from the end of the tournament.

Verifiable Tournament Stats

College coaches need proof that you can play at their level. Often, they can not appreciate the impact a player has on a game or throughout a tournament, from just watching it ("eye test"). If the event and division you are competing in includes statistics, we can provide college coaches game boxscores, your tournament stats, and a leaderboard indicating you were the "best of the best".

College Coach Playing Level Assessment

You have played the games and it is now the time to receive an unbiased opinion of your playing ability and to identify your strengths and areas that require improvement. This assessment is conducted by a former college and will give you an indication of your college playing level. You don't need to purchase game film and send it to us. We have access to all your game films, in our scouting library. College Coach Assessment is available for $49 and you will receive your written report within 48 hours of purchase.

BeTheBeast College Coach Contact and Outreach

Build your recruiting momentum or keep it moving forward. Using your BeTheBeast tournament profile, we will contact every college coach that attended the tournament notifying them that you would be interested in their program. We take care of the complete process including: making sure your profile is accurate and complete posting a full game film, of your choice, and sending your campaign using a proven introduction email template. This campaign service and full game film can be purchased for $99 and the campaign will be sent to college coaches, no later then 5 days from the end of the tournament.

BeTheBeast Free WiFi

Maximize your tournament experience. View Live/Streams and On/Demand broadcasts for every game, access game boxscores, player stats and tournament leaderboards, all powered by an enhanced WiFi Hotspot that ensures you will have high speed Internet access in every tournament venue. When you are at the venue, simply enable your WiFi and join: "BeTheBeast Free WiFi"